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In our Church Conference Sunday Night April 28, we divided into small groups  who were given the assignment: “Name 10 Reasons To Invite Someone (friend, neighbor, family member, co-worker) To King’s.” The group only had 5  minutes to compile their lists.



1) Choir: where else can a person “sing as to the Lord”, this attracts and keeps many even if they don’t personally stand up there… also undergirds the music and encourages everyone to join in
2) Multigenerational…..for sure!
3) Greeters: yes, we need more
4) Solid biblical preaching and teaching:
5) Have many ministries, something for everyone, but probably could advertise that more.
6) Solid by-laws
7) Attractive and clean environment.
Note:  “ If it was a sin 100 years ago, it’s still a sin today. Don’t water down the Gospel for this offended generation”


1.   First and Foremost is Salvation Explained and Opportunity to Come to Christ for Visitors and New Comers.
2.   Kings Outreach – Caring, Emotional and Physical Support
3.   Growth in God’s Word:  Sunday School Classes, Small Groups
4.   Inviting Spirit to Newcomers
5.   Visitors a Sense of Community
6.   Good Overall Experience
7.   Youth and Children’s Departments
8.   Praise and Worship
9.   Place to Get Involved and Serve
10. Women’s & Mens Ministry
11. Security Team


1) Hear the Word preached
2) Genuine people
3) Will hear the gospel
4) See the power of prayer
5) Solid Biblical Foundation for Youth Group
6) Good Environment for Family development
7) Good mix of generations (intergenerational)
8) Want them to be a part of the church family
9) Commandment
10) Vision to see people saved


1) Bring them to salvation
2) A great children’s ministry
3) Beautiful facility
4) Loving & Joyful community
5) Non-judgmental members – welcoming
6) Bible based – teachings
7) Praying church – prayer team, corporate prayer time during worship
8) Evangelism Outreach – after school programs – Gifford
9) A strong Christian Maturity plan/ implementation – Sunday School teacher growth mentoring


1 Youth Group as developing leaders
2 Children Dept active in church and Bible knowledge
3 Preschool
4 Sermon /worship
5 Music
6 Family and friendly
7 Missions – Outreach
8 Ministries to church & unsaved
9 Bible Studies
10 Events men/women/Christmas/Easter


1 We are a very friendly church
2 We have an outreach vision
3 Good children’s program
4 Good music ministry
5 Orthodox of the scriptures
6 Room for serving
7 Great youth ministry
8 Security
9 Mission – minded
10 Service – minded


1 Friendly
2 Good teachers
3 Good Pastor – preach the Word
4 Social Activities
5 Barnabas Ministries
6 Small group outside the church
7 Security for the church
8 Music Ministry
9 Mission trips
10 Handicap available parking


Encourage worship as full family unit
Believe the bible
Preaching & Worship
Authentic / Real people
Small group / SS
Women’s ministry
Bear burdens with each other
Children’s ministry / features
Secure / Safe

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