New Sunday Morning Schedule Described

Time change Sunday is November 1, and we need to do more than just Fall Back an hour.

It is this weekend that are planning to initiate an adjusted schedule. 

Service 1 @ 8:00 indoors at central campus.

At this service distancing and wearing of masks will be mandatory including during the service. Singers and speakers leading from the platform will be the only exceptions. When safe room capacity is reached, we will not seat anyone else.

Service 2 @ 9:00 outdoors at central campus.

Sit in your car or sit out under the oak trees. Fall is typically wonderful weather. We ask families to maintain social distancing but there is plenty of room for everyone. The speaker system makes everything understandable. There is also an FM broadcast that can be received in your car. 

Sunday School for preschoolers and children are available durng this hour. 

Service 3 will be @ 10:00 indoors at our central campus.

We request everyone to wear a mask at least as you are entering and finding a seat and as you leave the service. Social distancing is marked off on in the center portion of the room. We also have an overflow room in our AWANA auditorium. Large screen and good sound. 

Service 4 will be @ 11:00 indoors at our Pioneer campus.

Same protocol as the 10:00 service. There will be a more extended time of worship, sharing, praying and connecting. Pastor Tyler and our music team will be leading this. 

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