Saved By Grace

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April 5, 2020 Online Worship

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  1. We were waiting for it to appear in notifications on Facebook but it didn’t happen. I’m going to try to reply from this link

  2. Thank you Pastor Frank for another great message!!! We appreciate so much that you are posting these messages for us. Thanks also to the rest of the team. The Matt squared song was awesome!! And loved seeing Danielle and her daughter sing “It is well”. One of my favorite hymns. Thanks also to the behind the scenes video team. Keep up the good work. We have other family members watching whose churches do not have the ability to broadcast, so this is like a lifeline for us.

  3. Just Wonderful! Out of a Thankful Heart! It is exactly what we all need! This was so refreshing to us today! Thank God and you for your faithfulness! We have a Spectacular Church!

  4. Took a few minutes to get service pulled up with my limited technical abilities. Love the duets this morning ….. they both were a blessing. Pete and I are so thankful for being able to watch the worship services, even before the shut down. Thanks to all who work so diligently to help produce them. P&P Sessions

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