God has uniquely designed  men to be men. Like everything else in creation, our masculinity has been corrupted by sin. 

The Bible lays out several facets of masculinity implanted in every male. When these are abused or abandoned, expect a crash! Those hurt will usually not only be the man but often those he cares about the most.

In Jesus Christ our manhood is redeemed and we are able to more and more live out our potential as: 

Lords of the earth called to have dominion and to subdue. There are places and realms in this world now for every man to exercise power and authority.

Cultivators that make life flourish for those we are responsible for. 

Heroes willing to risk everything for those we love who are in danger.

Sages marked by godly wisdom.

Representatives of the the glory of God meant to reveal His love and holiness. 

CRASH is men gathering in small groups over breakfast to better understand and communicate these biblical ideas. Breakfast and the meeting is one hour. 

As we are able to trust the guys in our group we can then help each other sort out our wrecks through the power of the gospel. If you would be willing to sample one of these meetings or like more information, click the button below and fill out the brief form.