Sunday Morning Worship March 22, 2020

Quarantined Kids

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COVID-19All Indoor Meetings Canceled SUNDAY MORNINGSOnline worship @ 10.15 Three Drive In Services8.00 and 9.15 (58TH AVENUE CAMPUS)11:30 (PIONEER CAMPUS) In place of our normal weekend schedule, we will be hosting Drive-In Church as well as an online broadcast. For our Drive-In worship, two opportunities in the cool of the morning: 8:00 a.m. and 9:15 […]

New Opportunities and the Will of God​

When God shows us what He’s doing, He invites us to join Him in His activity. At our church conference Sunday night September 22, we approved a memorandum of understanding with Pioneer Baptist Church. This document is an expression of our intent to combine the membership and assets of our two churches into one church. […]

The Hub @ Vero.Church

DRIVE IN WORSHIP SUNDAY MORNING IN CARS … Your should be able to hear well with your car windows rolled down. You may also tune your radio to 101.1 FM to hear the service live, enabling you to keep your windows up. You will need to be in the parking lot to pick up this […]

Zwingli and the “Whole Rubbish Heap of Ceremonials”

Previous Church History Section: Zurich to Zwingli Triad 6 Church History The Reformation Beyond Luther So what did Zwingli Teach?  Zwingli affirmed the core doctrines of the Reformation. Salvation by grace alone through faith alone, in Christ alone, based on Scripture alone, and to the glory of God alone. But Zwingli also focused on the […]

10 Reasons to Invite Your Neighbor / Friend / Co Worker / Family Member To King’s

In our Church Conference Sunday Night April 28, we divided into small groups  who were given the assignment: “Name 10 Reasons To Invite Someone (friend, neighbor, family member, co-worker) To King’s.” The group only had 5  minutes to compile their lists. BELOW ARE THOSE LISTS: GROUP A 1) Choir: where else can a person “sing […]