June 13, 2021 Sermon Notes

Genesis 19.30-38

The Dark Cave


  1. Explain the difference between a “topical Bible sermon” and an “expository sermon”.
  2. How does gathering together to hear a message from the Bible demonstrate worship?
  3. Can you think of a person, famous or not, who lived a life trajectory something like Lot?
  4. Are we paying attention to what is happening to us in our culture? What do we watch? How do we entertain ourselves? What is our mindset about money and possessions?
  5. What does Lot’s failure as a father say to us as fathers and mothers today?
  6. Is alcohol an issue with anyone in your family?
  7. What is your strategy to protect yourself from its dangers?
  8. What is the good news in this final episode of Lot’s story?

Pray for one another and the battles and needs we have expressed today.