Why Membership?

The Christian life is not meant to be an isolated experience for individual Christians. Rather, the Bible teaches that the Christian life is a life lived together as the church—a local body of believers, the family of God, in covenant community. Church membership is our way of identifying and affirming who joins together in covenant community at King’s Church

Next Steps in Membership

Membership at King’s is a  simple. First, we encourage anyone new to the King’s to attend Membership Matters. In this class, we discuss the vision and values of King’s, as well as what the Bible says on a variety of important topics, including biblical descriptions of the church and the responsibilities of church members. At the end of this class, all participants are given an opportunity decide whether King’s is right for them, and if so to affirm our church covenant.

This is a class to introduce you to King’s Baptist and to answer questions you may have about this church. In time it will take about about four hours of your time. We offer it in a variety of formats over the year. You may use the form below to start the process. We will get back to you about either the next course time or give you the materials and directions for starting the online course.

If you are still are unsure or have other questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.