Easter is a great time to invite others to church. Generally if a person is ever open to attending a Christian worship service, this is probably the time.

There is not a bad time to be saved. There is not a bad time to obey the Lord and publicly confess your life in Christ through Believer’s Baptism. But Easter is an especially appropriate day! We will be baptizing Easter (of Resurrection) Sunday morning. If this is something you should, why not sign up now!

Each Sunday you will receive a couple “invite cards”. If you feel you could use more than you find on your seat, go by the Welcome Desk, they would be glad to supply you with as many as you think you can use this week.

Social Media Reach may be your must underused but easiest way to invite people to church. Take a picture of this week’s worship handout. Post a note like this to go with the picture. “Had a great time at church today. Would love for you to join me next Sunday. Easter Sunday is April 21!”



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